Photo Credit: Matt Sapiecha

By: Hannah Lauzon, Fast and Female Jr. Reporter

I decided to interview Leslie Timms because she’s a rock climber and she’s a girl.

  1. Why did you start rock climbing?

I started in college when a couple of friends took me out to a boulder in the woods. It was love at first try.

  1. Where are some good places to go rock climbing near Wiarton?

The best spot near Wiarton Ontario, and one of the best spots in Canada is Lion’s Head. Beaver Valley also has lots of great climbing and cliffs.

  1. Did you meet anyone while rock climbing?

 Most of my friends are climbers. It is a social sport. Bouldering is a social type of climbing; everyone brings pads – the more pads the safer it is.

  1. Did you fall?

 All the time, but the ropes catch you. Ropes are stretchy, so it doesn’t hurt.

  1. How many competitions have you gone to? How many have you won?

I’ve done one competition. I am more of an outdoor climber. There are lots of competitions in gyms. I did a pull up competition once and won that!

  1. Are you doing a rock climbing competition in California? (she’s in California)

I came out to California to take a final level climbing guide course. Every climb is given a grade, then you get recognized through that by being ranked among other climbers in the world.

  1. Since when have you been rock climbing?

I have been rock climbing for 12 years.

  1. Do you like rock climbing?

I love rock climbing, it’s my entire life. It’s my work, my friends, and my travelling.

  1. Where have you gone rock climbing?

I have climbed all over the world – U.S.A, Mexico, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Australia, and all over Canada as well.

  1. What do you do in your climbing business?

I teach other people how to climb. If it is their first time out, I teach them how to climb. I also teach people how to transition from gym to outdoor climbing.



My name is Hannah Lauzon and I like to go rock climbing. I want to join a group that rock climbs, but I don’t know if there is one. I live in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, with my brother, Finn, my mom, my dad, and my hundreds of pets. I’m 9 years old and my brother is 7, he wants to do this too, but it’s only  for girls.