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Summit 2018 – Calgary (AB)

Date(s) - October 21st, 2018
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

WinSport - Markin MacPhail Centre

Fast and Female Summit 2018 funded by Alberta Status of Women – Calgary, AB

Join us October 21st at WinSport in Calgary for our biggest event of the year. The Fast and Female Summit is the ultimate full-day conference for girls (8-18 years), parents, and coaches involved in sports. The theme is CONFIDENCE, there will be sessions focused on sport, peer connections, and empowerment, all with mentorship from fitness leaders in the community as well as Fast and Female Athlete Ambassadors. 

  • Inspirational Chat with Olympic and elite athlete ambassadors
  • Circuit of exercises to develop physical literacy (suitable for all backgrounds)
  • Leadership and team-building activities
  • Sports psychology presentations
  • Fun and social activity (dance/craft/yoga – depending on age group)
  • Autograph signing

Girls 8-14 years old 

The ultimate event to meet and be inspired by Olympians and elite female athletes. Girls will be placed in age appropriate groups with an Ambassador to enjoy high quality face-to-face time with their female role model (approx. 1 ambassador per 8 girls).

Leaders in Training 15-18 years old

This is a leadership and mentorship for 15-18 year olds. They will be paired up with a Fast and Female Ambassador to help lead the younger girls (8-14 year olds) through the Summit activities. Email lduncan@fastandfemale.com for more details.

Summit Schedule (tentative):

  • 9:00-10:00am – Registration
  • 10:00 – Welcome Words & Group Photo
  • 10:45am – Activity Session
  • 11:30am – Activity Session
  • 12:15pm – Olympic Panel and Lunch
  • 1:00pm – Activity Session
  • 1:45pm – Activity Session
  • 2:30pm – Dance Party
  • 3:00pm – Activity Session
  • 3:45-4:00pm – Parent Pickup and Autographs

Tasha Belix

Tasha is a Registered Psychologist, with a passion for working with young girls, helping them to face life’s daily challenges with strength, courage and confidence.  As an avid supporter of Fast & Female she has been honoured to have contributed to the Head and Heart curriculum and is excited to share some of her experience with the young ladies attending this event.  She has an enthusiast, energetic style that draws you in and keeps you captivated until the end.  Check out Tasha’s group and counselling offerings at www.tashabelix.com

Georgie Fear

Georgie Fear is a registered dietitian and board certified sports nutrition specialist. And she just loves to talk about food, feelings, life, and how we all cane make the world a better place together. An expert in appetite regulation and eating behavior, Georgie has been coaching clients for 13 years to adopt health-supportive relationships with food. Her advice has been featured in Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Outside Magazine, Psychology Today, Prevention and ABC News. Her book Lean Habits For Lifelong Weight Loss was published in 2015, and she co-authored the bestselling Racing Weight Cookbook in 2014. Keep in touch with her on facebook or drop a line through georgiefear.com.


Lucy Dunne

Lucy Dunne is the founder of Dunnebells, an online personal training company inspiring women all around the world to become the best version of themselves yet! After losing over 65lbs herself, Lucy is passionate about building an army, a tribe and creating something MUCH BIGGER than just another weight loss transformation, she knows that collectively we can have more of an impact than if we go it alone. Lucy works with local companies in Calgary to collaborate on exciting projects to bring to the community and create that magic that everyone needs in their life. www.dunnebells.com

“I truly believe female empowerment starts with building your self-confidence from a young age. There is nothing wrong with believing in yourself and being your own #1 fan. I am so proud to lead the Girls Gone Strong summit station and to be a part of helping these girls achieve their wildest dreams” Lucy.  #bethefire

Kealan Bailey

Kealan is a  former competitive equestrian rider and Muay Thai fighter, and is no stranger to the mental and physical challenges of balancing health and wellness with daily life. Kealan believes that beauty and strength come from within, and that boxing and martial arts have a particularly significant impact on both mental and physical strength. Nurturing by nature but fierce as hell in competition or when motivating a class in the heavy bag studio, Kealan made the transition from a corporate career into health and wellness and hasn’t looked back since. She lives to inspire her team as well as her clients, and is one of the five Founding Trainers at Rumble Boxing. www.rumble-boxing.com


Tackle obstacles, climb up and over a wall, swing from a net and become the ultimate Ninja Warrior. Our trained COR.FIT instructors will teach the girls how to challenge themselves through a series of fun and heart pumping obstacle races to build fitness, problem solving and coordination skills. 

SC2 – Shelley Kuhn, Chelsea Deschamps, Tessa VanDerVeeken

SC² is the Bow Valley’s Centre for Physical Excellence. We are a dedicated team of kinesiology experts, implementing science-based training protocols to enhance strength, wellness and performance for youth and developing athletes. Join the SC² gals at this years summit as they expose the importance of strength training for girls, and how our elite female athletes train in the weight room. SC²’s high performance sessions will showcase fundamental movement training, and stage appropriate strength and power development.  www.scsquared2.com

“SC² is a team of strong, empowered woman who love everything sport! We played many different sports, at both elite and recreational levels and then found a career path that kept us learning, playing and involved in training and maximizing performance in sport. So fun! Coaching enables us to impart our passion and wisdom, creating opportunities for girls to excel and thrive in their sporting pursuits, keeping them happy, healthy and strong!”  Shelley #girlsruletheworld #welovewhatwedo

Dr Nicole Kane

Dr. Nicole Kane is truly a passionate mom, athlete, chiropractor and yoga instructor. She has a gift providing families the opportunity to live healthier, happier lives. Dr. Kane’s post graduate training in pediactric care and yoga has also inspired her to help todays youth engage in building strong healthy foundations to excel in life. Her focus on spinal adjustments, alignment, balance, strength and flexibility help improve body function, decrease the potential for injuries, and optimize healthy performance in sport, dance and recreation! With a diverse background in chiropractic, yoga and sport herself, Dr. Kane has been asked to teach at sporting events and medical retreats and is now excited to share her expertise and passion with Fast and Female!

Orenda Society –  Lisa McManes, Jamie Conroy, Heather Jackson

The ORENDA Society is a non-for-profit organization that delivers yoga, mindfulness, mentorship, and coaching programming for youth in our community. The word Orenda means ~ “ the force present in all people that empowers them to change their own lives and affect the world.” The Orenda Society was created to ignite and allow transformation in youth. Our team came together with a shared vision to empower, mentor, and support youth. Encouraging youth to live self-directed lives, accessing their own inner resources to effectively respond to life challenges, and still connect to their authentic self. We facilitate dialogue around self care, gratitude, friendships, body image, anxiety, self worth, and self love which allows youth to be heard, have a voice and feel supported.  We advocate for mental health, we dig deep and answer the tough questions about ourselves. We come to our yoga mats, we breathe, we move and we surrender. Orenda continues to lead hundreds of youth through registered weekly programs, summer camps, workshops and one on one mentoring. orendasociety.ca

403 Selects Volleyball team – Diane Johnson, Dana Lougheed

403 Selects is an athlete first organization. We focus on the personal and athletic development of our student-athletes, and we’re committed to creating a safe, positive, and effective learning environment in which our athletes strive to achieve individual excellence within a team dynamic. This club focuses on the journey and provide an outstanding opportunity to grow and develop a passion for this game throughout this journey.

Parent and Coach Seminar presented by LeanFit

Speakers Gail Bell and Julie Freedman Smith from ‘Parenting Power’ as well as super coach Shawnee Harle will present at the Parent and Coach Seminar. Incredible insights for those who work with girls in the sporting world will be provided from 2 different perspectives (parents and coaches). 

Gail Bell and Julie Freedman Smith

Presentation: The Role of the Sports Parent

You’ve likely seen, heard or read about Parenting Power™ on CityTV, CTV, CBC Radio or in the Calgary Herald, The Globe and Mail, the National Post, or Today’s Parent Magazine. Julie Freedman Smith and Gail Bell founded Parenting Power 16 years ago and have never looked back! They create Parenting Power: Parents who believe they have the real life parenting tools they need to raise the healthy, capable, interdependent people the world needs. Parenting Power helps parents to feel confident in their abilities, capable in the moment and to stay calm when the kids are not! Parenting Power is praised by individual parents, schools and corporations alike for their humorous and educational keynote speeches, workshops, video courses and individual coaching sessions. www.parentingpower.ca

Shawnee Harlee

Presentation: Mental Toughness Builds Confidence

Shawnee is a two-time Olympian as an Assistant Coach for the Canadian Women’s Basketball Team and is the most highly certified basketball coach in Canada. She has 25 years of elite coaching and leadership experience including the Olympic Games, World Championships, FIBA Americas and World University Games. Shawnee holds a Master’s Degree in Coaching Studies, and she is also a Master Coach Developer and Master Learning Facilitator for the National Coaching Certification Program where she trains and mentors both advanced and novice coaches from all sports. Sport, just like life, is tough. It is full of problems, frustrations and disappointments and Shawnee’s Mental Toughness Training is helping athletes, coaches and parents from all sports to understand and tackle these problems. Mental Toughness – How Champions are Built is not only impacting results, but more importantly, changing lives. Since winning matters not only in sport but also in business, Shawnee has become a sought after corporate coach, leadership coach, life coach, and motivational speaker. Her vast experience in the elite world of sport transfers directly to the boardroom where success is talent oriented and people driven. She is currently training corporate managers to become wise and insightful while leading their team to winning results. Leaders are raising the bar for themselves and their people after taking Shawnee’s sessions: Transform Managers to Leaders, Build a Winning Culture and Ignite the Leader Within. shawneeharle.com 

Olympic Medalists Attending:

  • Alex Gough (Luge)
  • Alysia Rissling (Bobsleigh)
  • Cynthia Appiah (Bobsleigh)
  • Jessica O’Connell (Track)
  • Kirsten Bujnowski (Bobsleigh)
  • Heather McDermid (Rowing)
  • Helen Upperton (Bobsleigh)
  • Melanie McCann (Pentathlete)
  • Mimi Rahneva (Skeleton)
  • Monique Sullivan (Track Cycling)
  • Sara Renner (Cross-Country Skiing)

Fast and Female Ambassadors Attending:

  • Alana Butler (Cross Country Skiing)
  • Allison McArdle (Cross Country Skiing)
  • Alyssa Denis (Wheelchair Curling)
  • Gail Niinimaa (Cross Country Skiing & Biathlon)
  • Grace Chambers (Wrestling)
  • Haley Daniels (Whitewater Kayak)
  • Jessica Furlan (Steeplechase)
  • Jessica Groeneveld (Whitewater Canoe/Kayak)
  • Josee Theoret (Hockey)
  • Karen Messenger (Cross Country Skiing & Biathlon)
  • Kira Makuk (Hockey)
  • Liz Janze (Karate)
  • Maeghen Cotterill (Martial Arts)
  • Maya MacIsaac-Jones (Cross Country Skiing)
  • Morgan Rogers (Cross Country Skiing)
  • Rachel Mcintosh (Heptathlon)
  • Sara Hall (Road Cycling)
  • Sara Poidevin (Road Cycling)
  • Sarah Mamen (Cross Country Skiing)
  • Sydney Roth (Skiing)
  • Tammy Cunnington (Para Swimming)
  • Tianna Kennett (Wrestling)

Registration Includes:

  • Fast and Female L.L.Bean Technical T-shirt
  • Fast and Female Autographed Poster
  • Morning and Afternoon Snacks
  • Lunch

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