Delphine is a cross-country skier from Mont Saint-Bruno, Quebec. As a member of the National Talent Squad, Quebec Development Team, and training with Montériski, she is one Fast Female! Not only is she ski racing, she is also doing a program called Alliance Sport-étude at Cegep de Saint-Hyacinthe. Going into first year Junior Women, it will be exciting to watch Delphine compete as one of the top skiers in Canada for her age. Fast and Female caught up with Delphine to learn a little bit more about her, and hear the perspective of a student-athlete living and training in Quebec.


Fast and Female: You came across the country to train in Canmore for the summer of 2014. What was that experience like?

Delphine: It was awesome for me to train in Canmore this summer. It’s always fun to share a passion for a sport with other passionate skiers and to train with others also brings me another vision of the sport. I learned a lot from the other people I trained with this summer about their vision of how they will keep skiing in the next few years and all the opportunities that we have as cross-country skiers. Also, I really like to change the places where I train and being in Canmore with all the hikes was perfect for me. It was different from where I live, because it’s way more boring to do long distance at Le Circuit Gille-Villeneuve (a Nascar and F1 circuit) or at the small mountains (let’s call them hills!!!) that we have near my house.


F&F: Where (how far) do you want to take your skiing?

D: I want to keep skiing and competing as long as I’m having fun doing it and as long as I can have the satisfaction of doing it. For now, I’m taking it one year after the other and I don’t really know where it will get me. I know that I will have to make a decision in the next few years, but I’m still thinking about what will be the best options for me.


F&F: How has sport had a positive impact on your life?

D: I think it helped me to be more focused in every area of my life. I know I have to do my training and that motivates me to study and do my homework. I am really more effective when I have more to do than less and I think it helps me to be better at school. It also makes me work on my mental strength and my perseverance, which I think is a good thing.


F&F: What do you love about sport?

D: I love the fact that it makes you push the limits of your body and your mind. And sport is also a social activity of course and that’s the major reason why I enjoy it. You get to know the people you are training with and we are really close because of all the time, good moments and bad moments that we spend together during training camps and races. We also meet new friends sometimes and doing a sport, cross country skiing in my case, makes me travel and discover new places where I wouldn’t go in other circumstances.


F&F: You went to the Haig with the Academy Girls, what was it like to have the opportunity to train with older, positive role models?

D: Training with all the girls from the Academy was a good experience for me. It’s rare to have the chance to train with a lot of girls all training seriously in cross-country skiing and it motivates me to keep going and improving myself. It was a good way to learn more about the different options and route to achieve your goals in the sport. It was nice to discuss with the team and to see what it was like to be a full time skier. It was also a good opportunity for us to share about how to manage school with sport. I find it was encouraging to see a group of girls all training together and I also learned a lot about technique during the camp.


F&F: Is there a younger generation that you can inspire/are inspiring?

D: Yes I think there is a young generation that I can inspire. I’m sometimes coaching the younger members of my team and I really like it! I feel like I’m transmitting my passion for the sport and sharing the fun of training with them. It always nice to see the little kids racing and I hope that when they see me or other older athletes racing we can be role models for them. I feel like it is important to have role models or older people to whom you can ask questions and talk about your concerns or joy in the sport.





I’m a 17 year old Cross Country skier with Canmore Nordic Ski Club. I have been participating in events and in recent years helping out with Fast and Female for 8 years. I’m extremely passionate about Fast and Female, and inspiring the next generation. I also love giving back to the sport that keeps giving me so much, so whether it’s helping at Fast and Female or helping coach younger athletes within my own club, I’m extremely excited about every opportunity I’m fortunate enough to receive.