Casey Ericson

By Hillary Rose
, Fast and Female Jr. Reporter

Casey Ericson is a runner (just like me) and a chiropractor. Her story of how she got to this spot is a very intriguing story, so I am going to start from the beginning. Casey has always been interested in sports. She watched her older siblings play sports and had to try it out herself. She started competitive swimming when she was only 6 years old! Through her school years she tried to join every team she could. Once in college, Casey decided on volleyball. Her love for running didn’t come until later.

Casey got her undergraduate degree on the human body and became fascinated with the subject. Soon after that, someone told her about the amazing job of a chiropractor. Casey learned that more and more athletes were using chiropractors day by day, and she loved the way it made sense with how she fed her body. All the pieces started to fall into place. Casey went to chiropractic school and found the joy of running in her mid twenties, which she still does today.

One of Casey’s first running races was a 10k that took place in Oregon. Her first marathon was in San Francisco. She has been running for about 12 years now and passed on her love of sports to her three kids: Alex, Zach, and Harper. One of her biggest goals is to gear her work more to the younger athletes like her children. Casey would like to show the kids that they don’t have to be competitive to have fun, and show them how to play safe while keeping the joy that sports give.

Casey thinks it is important for our youth to know about sports, and get the chance to play them because it is a great way for kids to relieve any stress from their daily lives, while also improving their self esteem. But Casey also thinks that most kids are being pushed to do one sport instead of getting introduced to a variety.

Casey has had ups and downs just like the rest of us. Her worst race was the Boston Marathon in 2013. It was a very sad, but powerful day. Casey was luckily one of the people that finished, though the day was still very hard. Her best moment in her career was the Boston Marathon in 2014, a great and inspiring race to her as it was to all.

Casey is an amazing person, talented, and has an amazing story on how if you do your best, and do what you love, you can achieve anything. I love her story and I hope you do too.





I am 11 years old and I live in Yarmouth, Maine. I love to run (especially with my mom). I have raced in a 5 miler, a kid’s triathlon, and several 5ks. I also enjoy skiing, playing field hockey and playing basketball. I love being active and spending time with my family and friends. I went to a Fast and Female event and instantly fell in love with the program and the people in it. Writing is one of my favorite things to do so it feels great to write these articles about amazing women and to share their stories.