Marielle Thompson


Interview by Micah Morris, Jr. Reporter 


After winning an Olympic gold, one might wonder “How you can top that?” But In the world of elite competition where striving for better results is part of the sport, Marielle Thompson of the Canadian Ski Cross Team, a two time Crystal Globe winner (highest points overall), Olympic gold medalist, 2nd in the World Championships, and Fast and Female ambassador, continues to have goals.


SCHOOL AND SKI RACING and finding TIME to achieve GOALS

Marielle started ski racing at the age of 10 and progressed until her early teens. She decided to take a year off when she started high school because she was worried about having too much going on. She remembers her friend’s writing every day in her agenda for school, that she was meant to be skiing. By the end of her first year of high school she realised she would be able to juggle both school and ski racing which can be hard to do at this age. She returned to ski racing until her first year of FIS when she did her first Ski Cross race just for fun. That one race changed the direction of her ski racing career.


She was lucky to make the Canadian Ski Cross team right after high school. In a recent interview with Marielle she said, “It is less stressful than Alpine Ski racing because it is not just a one shot chance at doing well, in Ski Cross it is more fun, and you have to be on your game all day.”


Using FAILURES to gain SUCCESS to achieve GOALS

In my own racing career it’s hard to know what is coming next. You are never sure of what opportunities await you in the future and what motivation will push you to become successful. Marielle’s big turning point came after she crashed in her first X Games. She didn’t realise she had gold in her until the proof was right in front of her. During the beginning of the race she was winning each round, surprised, she quickly redirected her excitement and focused on finishing the race. Therefore, not thinking about the result, but concentrating on the process. Unfortunately, she crashed and placed 5th. Her realisation that she could have come in first motivated her to work hard for the next race.


I thought it was interesting to hear her say, “If I hadn’t crashed in the X Games I don’t think I would have done as well for the rest of the season.” I think it is amazing that she has the ability to stay positive even through her failures. After being so close to victory in the X Games she was able to see that she could do it, and learning to not underestimate her abilities she finished off the season with the Overall title and a Crystal Globe.


Approaching the Olympics Marielle worked hard, training for the big event but keeping lots of variety, such as mountain biking, weight training, and agility. “It was an amazing feeling. I never thought it was a realistic goal.” I think it was inspiring knowing that her hard work had paid off, and that the goal that she thought was unrealistic was achieved.


MODESTY helps to attain GOALS

I admire how Marielle can speak of her success with complete modesty. You have to have the confidence to know you can win, but it is important to have modesty and respect for others when you speak of your achievements. Maybe this is what allows Marielle to remain so calm and collected during the multiple rounds of ski cross until the final round where the winner is decided. I think it is Important for all young athletes to be mindful of this in themselves.


At this level of sport athletes have to remember this is also a job in which you have to act with respect and grace, because people from all over the world are looking up to you and watching you. Marielle Thompson does just that.


Some last advice that she shared with me was that, “To get anywhere you have to stick with what you are doing and with what you love; there is no point in stopping if it is fun!”



Micah CanAm 2014

My name is Micah Morris I am 15 years old, I have been skiing since I was two years old, and am a member of the Fernie Alpine Ski Team. Growing up in Fernie, BC I have had many opportunities in all sports such as soccer, volleyball, mountain biking, climbing, long distance running and hiking. I am surrounded by my family of skiers and I quickly discovered my own love for the sport. I love to compete because it is thrilling and it motivates me to push myself to a higher level. It also gives me a chance to travel around to new places in Canada and in other countries, and meet new friends. I have a great passion for skiing and writing. Not only would I like to share that, I want to be able to inspire the woman around me to continue with what they love and to stay dedicated to their sport.