Health: Body, Mind & Heart

We asked Fast and Female Ambassador and Team Canada Squash player Samatha Cornett to go back on her 2019 PanAm Game experience and let us in on her secret to success.  Samantha Cornett, 2019 PanAm Games, Peru "The Pan Am Games. An event that is one of the [...]

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Here’s 2019 RMSC Athlete Bursary Recipient: Tessa Breaker

RMSC Athlete Bursary Recipient: Tessa Breaker By Morgan Rogers, Fast and Female Ambassador and Event Support Coordinator Morgan Rogers and Tessa Breaker at the Rocky Mountain Soap Women's Run, 2019 The 2019 edition of the Fast and Female Girl’s Run, in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Soap Company [...]

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Spread the Love

Tammy Cunnington - Rio Paralympian Spread the Love is at the heart of both my athletic career and my daily life. I have been involved in sport since I was a child and over the years there were moments when I really enjoyed what I was doing… but I [...]

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Social Change – Equality

We wake up and start most days the same way: eating a hearty breakfast; drinking coffee; brushing our teeth; getting ready for the day. Soon after we head out for a training session on the field, to the gym, or for a long road ride. Pushing our bodies to places only [...]

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The theme “Empowerment” has so much meaning to me, because I believe there is a unique and much-needed leader in all of us! Being confident and loving who you are is when you are at your most powerful, and I hope to inspire everyone to love the skin they are [...]

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When I began Ski Jumping at the age of nine, there was no such thing as a "Women’s Ski Jumping" event in the Olympics. This fact didn’t deter me from the sport; instead, it motivated me to continue pushing myself and achieving my goals. I wanted to be a part [...]

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