Fast & Female Power Hour Wangaratta SSA Futures Session

Kikkan and Chandra are on fire when they lead an event together. Since becoming friends as “sprint sisters” on the cross country circuit and hosting their first Fast and Female together in 2008, Kikkan and Chandra have been on a mission to meet the demand for Fast and Female and inspire as many girls as possible. Here they are with some new friends at an event in Quebec.

Girls need to ride bikes like fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly. These girls faces really express how much we love it!


About Fast and Female

The story of Fast and Female, a not-for-profit organization founded in 2005 by a young ski racer from Canmore, Alberta, Canada named Chandra Crawford, and led in the US by Kikkan Randall, is a story about three girls who influenced a movement.

At the age of ten, Emily told her babysitter, Chandra, that she wasn’t happy being a girl because girls don’t get to do fun things like skateboarding and instead have to worry about their appearance all the time. We must change the culture around girls in sports.

When Chandra’s younger sister Rosanna was a teenager, the alternative to spending weekends at ski races was the unhealthy and risk-laden party scene you’d find in any small town. The value of sport for teens is crystal clear.

4x Olympian Sara Renner gave great advice like, “I eat to be strong, not to be skinny,” and encouraged Chandra to dream big and try for the Olympics. There is so much power in inspirational role models.

Thanks to these three influencers, an organization was born that would change the culture around girls in sports, and pursue a mission of keeping girls healthy, happy and active in sports through their teens by introducing them to inspiring athlete role models.


Ten Years Later…

Today, Fast and Female is led by two great ski competitors and friends: Chandra and Alaskan ski racer Kikkan Randall – a 4x Olympian and World Champion from the USA. Over 250 athlete ambassadors and sports experts (without whom events would not be possible) have joined them. All are volunteers.

Collaborating since 2008, they have grown the organization to reach over 3000 girls age 8-18 annually – girls just like Emily and Rosanna – and inspired each and every one of them with their team of athlete ambassadors and sport experts. The ambassadors are great role models just like Sara Renner.

In 2015 Fast and Female hosted 50 events all over North America with ambassadors from 25 different sports. Credit goes to our ambassadors, event coordinators, sponsors, donors and volunteers for making these events possible.



Girls drop out of sports at 6x the rate of boys in their early teens (Enoksen, E., 2011), and the top reason for their mass exodus from physical activity is the experience of a lack of social belonging. For this reason, Fast and Female’s Vision is: “A positive, empowering environment for girls in sport.”

When coaches are more supportive, parents lay off the pressure, and teammates learn the skills to get along, the sport environment will be FUN, positive and empowering and girls will be motivated to stick with their activities.



Fast and Female’s mission is: keep girls healthy, happy and active in sports through their teens.

This mission is actionable and measurable (with past participant surveys). The dream is that girls make it through at least their teens being active. This gives them leadership skills and a foundation to be healthy and active for the rest of their lives.

When we at Fast and Female meet a young lady and find out she kept up some kind of sport involvement all the way through her teens we say “way to go! You accomplished our mission! Fantastic!” and also congratulate the parents on the great achievement.


What does Fast and Female do?

Fast and Female hosts fun-filled, non-competitive events all over North-America. The events come in three sizes: Buff Power Hour (1 hour), SoLo Champ Chat (2-5 hours) and your brand name here Summit (8 hours).

In both the US and Canada, Sports Teams/Clubs can apply to host Power Hours anytime ( Champ Chats are more involved and are driven by the athlete ambassadors as they are dependant on their availability. Summits happen in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver and Quebec annually with future expansions to other cities in the works. We have event coordinators all over North America who do the part-time contract work of making event happen, and the athletes themselves do a TON of work on a volunteer basis.

We also create awesome videos with our athletes, produce a fantastic monthly newsletter, maintain an online clothing store (to fundraise for our events) and interact with our community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We love to hear from you, please like and follow us J

To become an athlete ambassador (if you are a national-level or elite athlete) or inquire about sponsoring or hosting a Buff Power Hour event, drop us a line at


Our Mantras:

“Spread the Love”

This is all about sharing our love of sport, physical activity and female empowerment with others. It also tackles the reason girls drop out: lack of social belonging. Spread the love and be a great teammate, coach or parent today!

“Dominate the World”

This expression harkens back to Fast and Female USA’s president Kikkan Randall’s ski performance, where she dominated the world of cross country sprint racing and won the overall world cup in this discipline three times.

At Fast and Female this mantra is a tribute to the courage and determination of our ambassadors. To us the expression means “Be CONFIDENT,” stop caring so much what everyone thinks, and go for excellence. You can do it!

At every Fast and Female event we remind the girls to “Spread the Love and Dominate the World.”


What About Those Three Girls?

As for the females that inspired this organization back in 2005?

Emily is living the west coast dream and is a part-time surf instructor at Surf Sisters in Tofino.

Rosanna is a two-time Olympian with her sights set on the 2018 Olympics and is the best woman in Canada in the sport of biathlon. She leads Fast and Female events every year and is a true leader in her sport.

Sara Renner is still the only Canadian female to win a medal at World Cross Country ski championships and the Olympics and is the mother of three young girls. She is retired from sport and leads multiple Fast and Female events every year.


What Can You Do?

  1. Sign up for our newsletter
  2. Donate to Fast and Female or shop our store. Every dollar raised enables us to create more events for girls.
  3. Rally your club and host a Buff Power Hour! It’s cheap, easy and tons of fun. YOU can make a difference for girls in sports. Email us
  4. Like Fast and Female on Facebook and Follow Fast and Female on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  5. Be the change: “spread the love” in your world of sport, specifically – worry a lot less about skills and results and a lot more about FUN… remember, no one is quitting sport because it’s “too fun and not serious/intense/competitive enough.” That’s not a thing! Social belonging is #1.

All the best to you and your community,

The Fast and Female Team