Fast & Female Power Hour Wangaratta SSA Futures Session

Kikkan and Chandra are on fire when they lead an event together. Since becoming friends as “sprint sisters” on the cross country circuit and hosting their first Fast and Female together in 2008, Kikkan and Chandra have been on a mission to meet the demand for Fast and Female and inspire as many girls as possible. Here they are with some new friends at an event in Quebec.

Girls need to ride bikes like fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly. These girls faces really express how much we love it!



Fast and Female is a registered charity led by two friends, athletic rivals, and moms who happen to be Olympic Gold Medalists: Canadian Chandra Crawford and American Kikkan Randall.


Fast and Female’s mission is to keep girls healthy and active in sports. We do this by introducing self-identified girls ages 8-14 to inspiring athlete role models at non-competitive, fun-filled events all over North America.


Founded in 2005, Fast and Female has reached 15,000 girls to date through 239 events thanks to the volunteer work of 700 athlete ambassadors.


A positive, empowering culture for all girls in sports.



Keep girls healthy and active in sports.



Listen and learn.
Be as welcoming, kind and accepting as possible.

Caring is cool.



There is a unique and much-needed leader in each and every one of us.


Teamwork makes the dream work.

Enjoy the journey and celebrate successes along the way.


We are part of a bigger picture.

Let’s work together to make the change happen.


Vulnerability is strength.
Do your best.
You are enough.


Today, Fast and Female is led by two great friends and competitors, who also happen to be Olympic Champions and moms: Canadian Chandra Crawford and American Kikkan Randall.


But back in 2005, there was one key moment that sparked this empowerment blaze… When a 10-year old named Emily told Chandra, “it looks like it kinda sucks being a girl… Girls don’t do cool stuff like skateboard and they have to worry about their appearance all the time.” Chandra decided: “we should do something about that”.


Fast and Female’s vision came into focus in that instant: create a positive, empowering culture for all girls in sports.


But how? By introducing girls to strong female role models – because you can’t be what you can’t see.


Chandra and her teammates on the Canadian Cross-Country Ski Team put together an event for girls in 2005, and the response was so positive that Fast and Female was officially born. In 2008 Kikkan and Chandra started working together to put on events in both their countries even while training and competing. Fast and Female is a registered charity in Canada and 501-C3 organization in the US.


Emily went on to study sport and exercise science, be a leader in the female surf community, and organize Fast and Female events herself. She is one of thousands of girls who live the Fast and Female “Cycle of Leadership.”



By age 14, girls drop out of sport at twice the rate of boys the same age. (Women’s Sport Foundation 2008)


41% of girls age 3 to 16 don’t participate in any sport. (CAAWS, 2016)


If a girl doesn’t participate in sport by age 10, there’s only a 10% she’ll be active later in life. (CAAWS, 2016)




Besides promoting physical health and wellness, sports help young women develop confidence, leadership, and teamwork skills. “Participating in sports has a deep and definitive impact on the course of a woman’s life, and we can see from the research that sports help to provide women with the tools we need to succeed and lead.” – Laura Gentile, Vice President and Founder of espnW


Research by Ernst & Young and espnW found that 94 percent of women who hold C-suite level positions are former athletes. There is an irrefutable correlation between athletics and leadership!


For girls already in sports, here are the top 3 things we must improve so they don’t quit sports and miss out on the benefits:


1) Create Social Belonging
The first and most fundamental reason girls participate in sports is for a sense of belonging. Each of us can

make a difference in creating a positive and inclusive team culture – girls need social acceptance to stay engaged in sports.


2) Health

Keep our girls healthy – mind, body, and spirit.


3) Role Models

You can’t be what you can’t see! Identify, elevate, and celebrate female role models and their stories.



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All the best to you and your community,

The Fast and Female Team