(Fast and Female US, March 23rd, 2016)

Over 120 girls, athlete Ambassadors, and volunteer helpers convened in Craftsbury, Vermont this weekend the for the US Spring Series Fast and Female Champ Chat event organized by the women of the Craftsbury Green Racing Project (CGRP). Head Ambassador Ida Sargent (CGRP, USST) led the ambassador introductions with a round of embarrassing and inspiring stories to show how success can come from many different backgrounds and experiences.


First-time ambassador and college senior Kelsey Phinney noted, “This being my first Fast and Female event, I was struck by how many girls showed up, as well as the number and range of ambassadors present – from college skiers like me to World Cup skiers and World Cup winners!”


The participants separated into age-based color groups and created a team cheer with their ambassadors before heading out into the venue’s race stadium on skis to participate in a circuit of skill stations. The stations included dancing with Jessie Diggins, slalom skiing, obstacle course relays and sprint starts. After an hour on snow, the girls came back inside to enjoy a healthy snack before hearing inspirational stories told by their ambassadors.


True to the theme of the day, Diggins described how she earned her first World Cup medal in 2013 World Championships team sprint with alongside teammate and American Fast and Female phenomenon Kikkan Randall. “I had my pole pulled out from under me, but I just kept skiing as hard as I could,” retold Diggins. “And when Kikkan crossed the line in first we proved how even when things don’t go as perfectly planned, you can still have an incredible day.”


The day finished off with poster signing by the ambassadors and a final round of applause for the successes of every girl at the event. Fast and Female is proud of their work of their ambassadors in Craftsbury and wish them the best of luck in their upcoming races!


By: Annie Pokorny

Ski Stations in Action!

Chelsea Holmes Obstacle Course!

Jessie Diggins Dance Station!